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Rose Quartz - An Attractive Way To Improve Your Chances Of Healing

Rose Quartz (also called Rhodonite or Rhodochrosite) is one of the most valuable gemstones on the planet. This raw precious stone can be cut into many different shapes, but is most often found as a smooth, faceted stone. It has long been considered to have magical properties by the ancient people of Egypt and India. Rose Quartz is also said to be an extremely powerful quartz crystal which contains a multitude of healing powers and should therefore be treated with care. The first step you should take before using this stone is to clear it of any negative energy.

The pink color of rose quartz is thought to represent femininity, love, purity and beauty. This gem can be seen in various forms such as beads, figurines and tiles. Rose Quartz can appear in a dewy pink color when it is under incandescent light. The more light there is, the more brilliant the pink color will be.

Rose Quartz is also known to have the ability to alter its appearance when exposed to UV light. The UV light minimizes the amount of translucency in the gem and changes its appearance. This gem has a soft pink color, which fades to a very pale yellow when it is exposed to light. When Rose Quartz is warmed up, the pink color returns to a lovely rose tone.

Rose Quartz is well known for its ability to heal physical and emotional ailments. It can relieve stress, promote healing and help people gain perspective and happiness. Many believe that rose quartz helps individuals to become more compassionate and helps them to better understand themselves and others. Rose Quartz promotes a sense of fairness and justice and helps us realize that we are all part of the whole creation. Its energy is connected to the heart chakra and is believed to promote feelings of empathy. As such, it can greatly assist us in accepting others the way they are and expressing compassion without judging, criticism or intolerance.

In India, rose quartz is believed to promote a very stable emotional balance. It is used for healing, love, harmony and prosperity. It is thought to balance the negativity in our emotions and thoughts. It is also thought to keep a person grounded, balanced and spiritual. Rose Quartz is considering a powerful healer of negative emotions, energy imbalances, stress and other harmful mental and emotional patterns.

When you wear this beautiful crystal, be aware that it can help you to heal yourself and others. Take time out to practice unconditional love, kindness and compassion. The love that you have for yourself is also the love that you have for others. Always remember to stay connected to yourself and to your heart. It is in doing so that you will be able to connect to all that is good and pure in this world.

Please note that The House of Oshun wants to support you in your journey to ascension and spiritual expansion and the Raw Rose Quartz is available in our Mystic Pantry.

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